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In KeepEngaged we seek to accompany our clients in all communications aspects.

We consider that by being close to our clients we become ready to give the right consulting advices during the planning, development and measurement of each of the PR activities that try to create relations and engage audiences.

What do we offer?

Our mission is to provide consultancy services specialized in communication and public relations supported by a clear understanding of the business of our clients, their marketing plans, and industry; as well as by knowledge of the potential and reach of diverse communication platforms and media.

Our ultimate goal is to support our clients through flexible, creative, professional, and ethical services adding tangible value to their company or organization. We are convinced that being simple operators of communications plans does not work anymore. In KeepEngaged we move a step further and our strategic consultancy services analyzes all the angles that firms, brands or products should consider before implementing their communications activities. That way, we can develop proposals that work and are measurable.

~ Solutions ~

  • Keep Engaged
  • Keep Control
  • Keep Talking
  • Keep Engaged
  • Keep Interesting
  • Keep the Moment
  • Keep Social
  • Keep Growing

Keep Strategic

Specialized consultancy and implementation of programs in each of the communication disciplines.

Keep Interest

Solutions and ideas based on the analysis of the current perception and on a global vision to keep the attention of relevant audiences.

Keep Updated

Coaching for spokespersons and public relations courses – these courses allow the Marketing or Communications teams to have the appropriate tools to stand out in the permanent competition in the markets.

Keep Talking

Development and identification of spokespersons who could have a conversation with the media (spokespersons specialized on topics of interest for the media in order to make the communication of messages clear, accurate and have a positive impact).

Keep Control

Specialized consultancy that allows differentiate real crisis from apparent crisis, as well as the design and operation of a concrete action plan that allows keep the control in those moments.

Keep the Moment

Organization of events and consultancy to maximize the invested resources while strengthening the reputation of the brand or company.

Keep Social

The social networks are more relevant every day, and there are many of the companies that offer to implement them without a strategic foundation aligned to the business objectives of the organizations. Keep Engaged helps to define the strategies, the metrics and the contents that could be evaluated, allowing making the necessary adjustments and being prepared for a possible eventuality.

Keep Growing

This program is tailored to meet the needs of communication and public relations of SMBs in Mexico. We understand that traditionally such services are not widely available due to the investment required.

Therefore, Keep Growing services have been designed to have an affordable cost with the same quality that is offered to our large clients.